MAESTRO is a mission-driven Cardano stake pool committed to creating quality educational content about blockchain technology. We are a community of scientists, engineers, and lifelong learners that believe knowledge is power. We donate 10% of our rewards to an educational charity chosen by our delegators. Join our Telegram.

Current Charity


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DateCharityADA DonatedUSD (at donation time)Proof of Donation
09/30/2021Malala Fund34 ₳$75Transaction / Receipt
08/16/2021Malala Fund36 ₳$64Transaction / Receipt
Totals---70 ₳$139---

Pool Features

Cloud Secure

Our node and relays run on secure cloud infrastructure (on AWS) so you'll never miss an opportunity to earn rewards.

Skilled Team

MAESTRO is comprised of four engineers with over 20 years combined software engineering experience.

Open Source

The code that runs our pool and our website is entirely open source. Check out our GitHub for more information.

Large Pledge

We have skin in the game and our pledge shows it. 100% of our pool owner's Cardano is pledged.

High Returns

With our competitively low pool fees/margin you'll receive a high rate of return on your delegation.

Quality Content

Check out our blog posts to learn more about staking, cryptocurrency, finance, and Cardano development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cardano is decentralized and owned by its users making all users stakeholders of the network. As a stakeholder, you can decide to stake your Cardano (ADA tokens) for any period of time and you will earn a return (additional ADA tokens) on your investment. By staking, you are contributing to the Cardano network and are rewarded for your participation.

Staking is similar to having a high interest savings account, but comes with two huge perks:
  1. Rates of return are 4 - 6%1 compared to 0.4 - 0.6% with traditional savings accounts (as of May 22nd, 2021)
  2. Your currency never actually leaves your wallet
1 Rewards can fluctuate within a fairly wide band but average out to 4 - 6% over time. See more information on rewards calculations here.

Stake with MAESTRO today to start earning rewards!

At MAESTRO, we are transparent about our code, our infrastructure, our fees, the causes we support - anything you want to know about the MAESTRO pool can be found on this page, our GitHub repo, or by reaching out to us directly!

We believe in the freedom of information and a core part of our pool's mission is to create free educational content centered around cryptocurrencies, finance, and blockchain technologies.

We also donate a portion of our pool's rewards to charity as we believe it is critical to contribute and give back to our communities.

If your Cardano is held on an exchange, your first step will be to move it from the exchange and into its own wallet. By moving it off of the exchange, you are taking control of your assets and you also unlock the ability to delegate to any pool. At MAESTRO, we love using the Yoroi wallet (available on browsers and Android/iOS devices) but you can also feel free to use Daedalus wallet as well.

Once you have a wallet, search for MAESTRO on the delegation page and click delegate. After delegating, you can track your rewards on the dashboard page of the wallet.

When staking, your Cardano never leaves your wallet. Staking is built into the protocol design and all of your Cardano is still completely under your control - feel free to send/receive as you would normally.

If you are currently staking to another pool, there will be no delays in rewards if you switch to MAESTRO. If this is the first pool you will be staking towards, refer to the schematic and information below:

Epochs occur every five days on the network (next epoch: ). When you delegate, a Stake snapshot will be taken during the proceeding epoch (Epoch +1) and your delegation will be active in the following epoch (Epoch +2). Rewards will be counted in the next epoch (Epoch +3) and finally, you will be rewarded (Epoch +4). If you don't like math or reading diagrams, this comes out to you receiving rewards between 15 - 20 days after your first delegation.

Thankfully you only need to experience this waiting period once and afterwards you will be rewarded at every epoch (even when switching pools).

Currently, a single wallet can only stake to a single pool. If you choose to move some of your Cardano into multiple wallets you can then delegate each wallet to a different pool.

If you don't have Cardano, we recommend purchasing from Coinbase (beginner friendly) or Coinbase Pro (more advanced but lower fees). Alternatively, you can use any other exchange - see a full list here.

Cardano's live price on Coinbase: $

Pledge125,000 ADA
Cost per epoch340 ADA (minimum allowed)
Pool margin0% (variable)
Ticker: Unique series of letters that identifies a stake pool.
Pledge: Pool operators need to stake themselves. Pledge is the amount that pool operators have staked in the pool.
Cost per epoch: All pools are required to specify a fixed fee (340 is the minimum) that is taken from total rewards in every epoch (see schematic below for example)
Pool margin: All pools also are required to specify a pool margin. This is taken from the total pool rewards minus the fixed fee (see schematic below). This actually has a minimal effect on the rewards given to delegators as shown below.

To onboard early delegators and maximize their earnings, our pool has committed to the following pool margin strategy:
  • 0% until 500,000 ADA staked
  • 1% until 1,000,000 ADA staked
  • 2% until 2,000,000 ADA staked
  • 3% onwards

How pool fees affect delegators

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